Download of DNA plasmid sequence files from some of our publications. Sequence files are usually contained in an archive with all the sequence files from a given publication. For some sequence files, annotations are provided. Please use ApE (free) to see them.



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Sequence files from the following papers can be downloaded below ….

Meurer et al., The regulatable MAL32 promoter in S.cerevisiae: characteristics and tools to facilitate its use. Yeast (2016) YEAST 2016

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Maeder, C. I. et al. Spatial regulation of Fus3 MAP kinase activity through a reaction-diffusion mechanism in yeast pheromone signalling. Nat. Cell Biol. 9, 1319–1326 (2007). pCM79-3mCherry-hphNT1 pUK78-3myeGFP-kanMX

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