The lab is located in the Center for Molecular Biology of the University of Heidelberg (ZMBH), on the Neuenheimer Feld Campus. Directions you can find here.

Within our lab we host several advanced microscopes for live cell imaging applications, from functional imaging using FCS/FCCS to high content screening microscopy. Also, we have direct access to various robots for high throughput yeast genetics, i.e. for liquid handling and colony pinning.



School kids visiting the lab….




When the amount of yeast colonies one needs to handle exceed human capacity, our friend RoToR steps in and provides a helping hand

IMG_6635          RoToR_Florian          RoToR_1



For a close up look at yeast and other cells … a DeltaVision Microscope

IMG_4229           DeltaVision_Martin          DeltaVision_Matthias_Martin



Count molecules … with a Microtime 200 from PicoQuant

20141104_123016           Nikon_Evelien_Daniel


A movie from our yeast cells


Yeast in Space…the comet 67p



A pathetic panorama view on the campus

2013-12-05 16.39.12