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A colorimetric RT-LAMP assay and LAMP-sequencing for detecting SARS-CoV-2 RNA in clinical samples

Viet Loan Dao Thi*, Konrad Herbst, Kathleen Boerner, Matthias Meurer, Lukas PM Kremer, Daniel Kirrmaier, Andrew Freistaedter, Dimitrios Papagiannidis, Carla Galmozzi, Megan L Stanifer, Steeve Boulant, Steffen Klein, Petr Chlanda, Dina Khalid, Isabel Barreto Miranda, Paul Schnitzler, Hans-Georg Kräusslich, Michael Knop* and Simon Anders* (2020) Science translational medicine DOI:10.1126/scitranslmed.abc7075

CRISPR-Cas12a–assisted PCR tagging of mammalian genes.

Fueller J, Herbst K, Meurer M, Gubicza K, Kurtulmus B, Knopf JD, Kirrmaier K, Buchmuller BC, Pereira G, Lemberg MK, Knop M (2020)

J Cell Biol (2020) 219 (6): e201910210

Pooled clone collections by multiplexed CRISPR-Cas12a-assisted gene tagging in yeast.

Buchmuller, B.C., Herbst, K., Meurer, M., Kirrmaier, D., Sass, E., Levy, E.D., and Knop, M. (2019)

Nat Commun 10, 2960

Genome-wide C-SWAT library for high-throughput yeast genome tagging.

Meurer M, Duan Y, Sass E, Kats I, Herbst K, Buchmuller BC, Dederer V, Huber F, Kirrmaier D, Stefl M, Van Laer K, Dick TP, Lemberg MK, Khmelinskii A, Levy ED & Knop M

(2018) Nat Methods 15: 598–600

Bicoid gradient formation mechanism and dynamics revealed by protein lifetime analysis

Durrieu L, Kirrmaier D, Schneidt T, Kats I, Raghavan S, Hufnagel L, Saunders TE & Knop M

Mol. Syst. Biol. 14: e8355 (2018)

Mapping Degradation Signals and Pathways in a Eukaryotic N-terminome. ​

Kats I, Khmelinskii A, Kschonsak M, Huber F, Knieß RA, Bartosik A & Knop M

Mol. Cell 70: 488–501 (2018)

Protein quality control at the inner nuclear membrane

Khmelinskii A, Blaszczak E, Pantazopoulou M, Fischer B, Omnus DJ, Le Dez G, Brossard A, Gunnarsson A, Barry JD, Meurer M, Kirrmaier D, Boone C, Huber W, Rabut G, Ljungdahl PO & Knop M Nature 516: 410–413 (2014)

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