SARS-CoV-2 detection

Covid 19
Saliva Collection Protocol

Please collect samples directly after you get up in the morning before breakfast and tooth brushing!!!



The sample bag contains:


  • 1 x large tube (50 ml) with sterile salt solution

  • 1 x small tube (2 ml)

  • 1 x disposable plastic pipette (2 ml)

  • 1 x inlay with your barcode




Please read them carefully and follow them precisely!

  1. Gargling:

    • use the salt solution from the large tube for gargling (try to deep-throat gargle, don’t swallow!)

    • gargle for 30 sec

    • spit back the gargling solution into the large tube

  2. Spitting and coughing:

    • produce liquid by saliva and exhaustive coughing (coughing is important) and spit it all into the large tube with the gargling liquid

    • suck air through your nose and spit the resulting slime into the tube

    • ….stop after 1 minute or after the production of additional 3 ml (whatever is first)

  3. Mix very well by shaking for 30 sec

  4. Use the disposable plastic pipette to add approx. 1 ml of this gargling/spitting mixture into the small tube.

  5. Close tube well!

  6. Wash your hands and put the tube carefully back into the plastic bag.

  7. The large tube and the plastic pipette can be discarded into the residual waste.

  8. Bring the bag to the ZMBH and place the small tube into the collection box in the fridge located on the 1st floor inside the central corridor before 10 am. The plastic bag can be discarded into the residual waste.

  9. Keep the small inlay with your barcode to be able to retrieve your result. Only the barcodes of positive tests will be sent around by email!

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